Chemical Abuse Services Agency (CASA)/ Multicultural Ambulatory Addiction Services (MAAS)

The Chemical Abuse Services Agency was established in response to the need for available and accessible behavioral health services to traditionally underserved populations. Over the last seventeen years, CASA has worked to develop, provide, and promote the expansion of culturally appropriate behavioral health services which include community education, prevention, identification and referral, intervention, treatment and after care. Currently, CASA is CARF-accredited for its residential programs in Bridgeport, opioid treatment program in New Haven, and outpatient and day treatment programs in Bridgeport and New Haven. Additionally, CASA has expanded culturally and linguistically appropriate services to New Haven through its satellite, Multicultural Ambulatory Addiction Services (MAAS). The MAAS program offers a multiplicity of treatment options within an ambulatory setting. Services include, acupuncture treatment, ambulatory detoxification, medication assisted treatment, co-occurring disorders treatment and day and outpatient treatment services. Treatment services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the agency’s extensive Spanish-speaking clientele.

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