Training and Education

The CT LBHS is strongly dedicated to the development of a culturally and linguistically competent behavioral health workforce that will be equipped and ready to meet the complex needs of our growing Latino communities in south central Connecticut. In response, the LBHS Training Academy, an ongoing and comprehensive training and consultation program that is available to staff at all participating agencies, developed as an effort to equip the existing workforce with the competencies necessary to offer culturally and linguistically competent care.

This comprehensive training curriculum is designed to:

  1. Establish a solid knowledge base on issues relevant to the culturally and linguistically responsive delivery of behavioral health services to Latinos;
  2. Prepare and equip the new and existing workforce with the skills necessary to perform culturally competent assessments, interventions, and treatment planning; and
  3. Promote workforce attitudes that will foster a culturally competent climate.

The CT LBHS Training Academy began in July 2008 and includes didactic and experiential training experiences on topics such as understanding the commonalities and differences among Latino subgroups, immigration and acculturation, spiritual beliefs, and the integration of Latino cultural values in the clinical setting among others, with a particular emphasis on the development and promotion of evidence-based practices with monolingual Latino clients. Furthermore, through collaboration with the Yale School of Medicine/Department of Psychiatry APA-approved Latino Psychology Training Program at the Hispanic Clinic, the CT LBHS offers specialized training, supervision, and professional development opportunities to Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Psychology trainees interested in pursuing a career in Latino mental health and addictions.

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